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Why should you embrace blogging!!!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Blogging can be extremely useful to different people in different ways. Don't see blogging as Business but should be seen as a value! I see blogging as a way to reach more people out there and share knowledge that you have. There are many aspects that you should be aware blogging brings you closer to.

Engage with others

Blogging can help you reach out to wider group of people over internet since few years now. This platform can help you spread knowledge or spread your word or even promote yourself (if you want to).

Establish yourself

Writing blogs about critical topics that relates to your knowledge space can help you to establish yourself slowly in wider community. Many people see blogs as new Business card!

Engage with others leading to networking

Blogging will certainly make you engage with others, sometimes discussion forums where people with different experiences would share there thoughts. These thoughts then can get into conversations (good or bad depends how effective these conversations are kept). However blogging certainly can take you from isolation to engagement. Blogging can grow your networking eventually where you just don't attract people or audience to read your blogs but also can be your future colleagues or friends.

Showcase your expertise

Blogs can be a alternate way to your resume. When you blog about any topic, see it from expert's view and should be able to illustrate your readers, employers, and your network showing that you are knowledgeable and skilled! Don't forget to keep learning from your experiences or feedbacks from wider group.


I have seen some of my friends who have now started making money from blogging. This could be a additional source of income for some. Please do remember monetize can not always be measured with cash you've earned, but this can get you respect and also closer to wider group of people who share or sometimes don't share same thoughts.

Opportunities and Organization

Blogging could lead you to bring get into new opportunities or may get others new opportunities. This platform gives people voice to share and engage. This also teaches one to be organised. Any topic that you write about when get feedback automatically keeps opening up your brain space and widens your knowledge on topic. Different people share different thoughts that can be a learning experience for yourself.

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