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Devender Sharma


Devender is Founder and consulting technical director of Pariksh. His love, passion and attraction towards digital technology led him to find Pariksh (a digital technology group, a subsidiary of Kedkai Ltd.). Devender believes technology plays a crucial role in coming time and timely investment in small scale solutions related to IoT and Machine learning solutions is needed. He believes empowering technology in small and targeted solutions will help community for it's betterment. 


Ashutosh Kahol

Senior Consultant

I joined Pariksh as Networking Consultant in early 2020. I have been fortunate to work remotely during pandemic and I am actively involved on small to mid-level projects. My role includes, but is not limited to, designing and implementing IoT solutions for our clients. I am passionate and enthusiastic network engineer, eager to learn, have desire to innovate and have experience in cutting edge technologies such as IoT, NFV, SDN and 5G.  Before joining Pariksh, I worked with Ericsson and Vodafone for 3+ years as Network engineer. My passion towards technology inclined me to move and pursue Masters in Telecommunications and Networking Engineering from Australia which is amidst huge IoT and 5G transformation. I am an avid sports enthusiast and play 9 games ranging from Table Tennis to Football. I have played three national championships in Table Tennis and have represented the corporate sector as well in table tennis, cricket and football.


Ananya Nagar

Trainee/Apprentice Quality Consultant

I was fortunate to join Pariksh team in early 2020 as a freelancing website contributor. I am now working as a Quality consultant with the team. I am one of the youngest in team and work part-time to ensure quality of our digital solutions are tested and delivered to our customers with high quality. I am also pursuing my Bachelors in Psycology.


Deepika Kumari

Content Management Head

My passion as a writer joined my wires with Pariksh, started with them in late 2020 and co-ordinate on blog writing and review. I work part-time and I am a proud house wife with 2 beautiful daughters. I have been in education sector for 30+ years now working as a teacher and visiting staff/speaker in local community schools in India. 


Alka Sharma

Administration Head

I joined Pariksh as a administrator in late 2020. My background for last 20 years has been in Education sector working as a teacher. I have always dreamed about working in digital space. Pariksh has empowered me to help them with Administratve support. We are a small knit team that communicates, innovates and help others. 


Aruna K

Social Service Co-ordinator

I am a social and community worker and joined Pariksh with a ambition to serve and extend social service to community for whom every small thing matters. I share passion of helping others with Pariksh and was a strong reason for joining them. As far my background is concerned, I am a retired BSNL professional worked for them for 40+ years and now a social worker. Proud wife and mother to 2 children and not to forget a constant reminder to everyone for social responsibilities.

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